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Oprah, Ellen, Britney, Ryan Seacrest….Stay connected with your favorite celebrities. See where they are going, what they are doing, with whom they are meeting and what’s on their mind.

Kim Kardashian Ellen Perez Ryan Seacrest

John Mayer, iamdiddy, Coldplay, Pete Wentz….Keep in tune with your favorite musicians and fellow fans. Get the latest scoop on concerts, tickets, video, song and album releases.

John Mayer Diddy
Social Media

Mashable, TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki, Ashton Kutcher….Participate in the social media revolution with Twisplays. Watch and react to breaking tech and digital news.


Tony Robbins, Zappos, Jason and Gavin….See what’s being discovered, developed, brainstormed and seeded. Get in on the ground floor. Inspire and be inspired!

Tony Robbins

CNN, The New York Times, The Onion, TIME….Get breaking news from the most reliable sources, or get breaking news before CNBC and Bloomberg by following your own sources on Twitter.

Winner of 2011 "Hot Tech Demo" Award!

We Take Twitter Out of the Box!

Twisplays are LED signs that allow you to conveniently display whatever Twitter streams you desire - your own, your company's, your brand's - celebrity, music, social media, entrepreneur, news, blogger, tech, tv, actor, comedy and more.

Share Twitter with your customers, patrons, colleagues, community, guests, family, friends and passers-by.

Twisplays can be placed in stores, restaurants, bars, offices, kitchenettes, community centers, bedrooms, living rooms, family dens, stadiums, trade shows, conferences, events or parties - on walls, tables or in the isles - wherever an LED can be placed.

Promote your business, brand and Twitter stream to increase sales!

Interact with guests and attendees - even those not physically present!

Add and moderate other people’s tweets to be displayed on your sign in real time from your mobile phone anywhere in the world!

Follow what people are saying about your company and products - and follow what they are saying about your competition!

View last minute deals and discounts from your favorite companies and brands!

Get the news first - financial, technological, design, fashion, political, weather, local, national, global - and follow your favorite sources.

Glance at Twitter while you work, play, cook, clean, eat, babysit, bathe and shave!

We bring online, on-site!

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